Sunday, 5 February 2012

What is a 'proper writer'?

I have had a few articles published in various magazines (mostly things about music and/or education) but I don't feel like 'a writer'.

Is it because it isn't my day job (I'm a secondary school music teacher, passionate about teaching)? Is it because I consider my writing in trade magazines a bit amateur? Or perhaps because I don't have a published book under my belt?

Possibly all of these to some extent - but I think that my lifelong love of reading fiction has coloured my writing ambitions - simply: I love stories; I want to write successful stories that other people love. And until recently, with every book and every writer I discovered and enjoyed, the aim of writing a work of fiction became more and more intimidating.

I bet he considers himself a proper writer
Soon I'll be ready to send my first picture book text, Stripy Mike, off to agents. Personally, I think that the moment I get my first rejection I will be a good way towards being able to call myself a 'proper writer'.

Are you a writer? At what point will you consider/did you start considering yourself a 'proper writer'?

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  1. I don't think I'll consider myself a writer until I've actually finished editing a draft and am happy with it (I've never actually reached this stage lol).

    Good luck with your picture book submission.